About us


TURMERSAN Savunma Sanayi was founded in 2017 to produce small arms ammunition and components with high-quality standards in Bursa, Turkey. All of our facilities are certificated with NATO Facility Security Certificate.

Turmersan’s main mission is to become the number one supplier of small arms ammunition in Turkey and its regional area. Through its discipline, hard work, and reliability Turmersan succeeded to be one of the leading companies of the industry in a short period.

Turmersan has worked with almost every company from this industry in Turkey including the Turkish Armed Forces (Turkish Government). As of today, Turmersan exports 60% of its production to foreign countries, all around the globe.

Turmersan has differentiated itself from competitors by setting precision and reliability as key aspects of every product. Regular inspections are obliged to ensure consistency in products. To guarantee quality and customer satisfaction, every step of the process is conducted to detailed audits. Because of that, Turmersan has become the most reliable partner and serves the highest quality to its clients by constantly improving itself and increasing the quality day by day with investments and following the latest developments in the sector.

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